Episode 2

I’m not racist but…

3rd party for election?


It’s just these two?


Green and rainbow party merging

6 String Bass

Fleeger drama

Sending dick pics

Matt after the last episode…

DJing for Ann Androsky

First Podcast memories

Fat Cat is opening up soon



More get together fun events

The mayors indiscretions

PFA was withdrawn but the terms still stand

The Sun Gazette is weak

Chief Foresman


More stuff hitting soon


Montoursville Walmart

Target is Walmart 2

Old Crow Medicine Show – Bullfrog Brewery anniversary

Break up reasoning

Eddie’s old cat

The Toxic Gimp

Matt’s Facebook memories

Matt working for The Graphic Hive

Calling people Fucking Cock Suckers

Goofy cock sucker

Pop culture – best sic fi movies coming up

Arrival, Prometheus

Vice Principals

Binge watching shows – Stranger things

Bloodlines on Netflix


Blade Runner Final Cut

Total Recall

More movie chatter


Matt’s ex (2 ex’s ago)

Scott’s Ex

Getting shwifty

Signing up your friends for free magazines and junk mail

Eddie letting the air out of tires

Peeing on cars

Peeing in the closet

Club Fred


Tinder for Matt

I like my women like I like my coffee

Judy Garland as a gay icon

Judy Garland’s daughter played bass for the Melvin’s

Matt Z’s stages of depression

Band issues

Matt tries to get a date

Dicks out for Hirambe

Cell phones

Customer care stories

Data Plans

Cornball’s Spooky Halloween Bash

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