Hamburger helper song

Introducing Scott Gibbs

Left turn recaps

Breaking into a car with a shoe lace

Moe’s and shirts

No GMO’s

Flat earthers

Conspiracy theorists

Cringy podcast – True Murder

Higher side chats

Reply All

People in relationships with Pro wrestler fake profiles

Ric Flair is coming to Williamsport

Burlesque set to the music of Madonna

May 6th at Jeremiah’s above the Bullfrog $12 at the door

Arrested development burlesque

April Fools Day discussion

Andrew Dice Clay

Documentary about Don Rickle’s

Matt’s random weird fact – prohibition grave pissing

Batman vs. superman

Suicide squad

Movie talk

Faith’s Vegas story

Asian Tours

Circuit City is coming back

Radio shack

Armpit fucking

Bad jokes

The Hidden Agendas Gigs

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