St Patty’s day

Episode 27

Election stuff

Voting and primaries

St Pattys day and amerature drinkers

Rolling rock fest

Pump and dump inventor


Nate’s last show

Call in w/ your jokes 570-478-1450

Introducing Kassie and her armpits

What if pubes kept growing

More Nate jokes

Green Day

Earth to Andy

Getting the Mayor on the show

Sun Gazettes fake Twitter account

Fat Jesus

Sausage party

10 Cloverfield Lane

Johnny Romeo prisoner show

Matt visiting the prison to do an interview

Who does Nate remind you of?

Genitalia curvature

PA Legalizes Cannibus oil

Pot talk


Hot dog girl

Lobster lady – internet story

Chris walks in and the show takes a left turn

Kassie’s NPR voice

2 Girls one Cup

Doing the podcast from Club Fred’s

Penis sizes

Cassie reads Wikipedia articles


Asian porn


Long nipples

Guilty pleasures/fetishes

Eddie likes watching girls pee

Big toys



And John’s fetish


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